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Get patient-centric.

The CancerAid Plus Program supports patients to achieve better outcomes with a powerful and customisable multidisciplinary approach to complement your cancer therapies.

We bring our Life Sciences partners closer to their patients.

CancerAid Plus uses innovative technology purposefully designed to educate patients about their condition and treatment. Enrolled patients receive a tailored program and evidence-based resources developed to prevent toxicity and improve outcomes.

Research has shown that cancer patients who are more engaged with their own care have better health outcomes.1

"A diagnosis of cancer marks the beginning of a journey full of emotional, psychological, physical and practical challenges”

- Cancer Australia

Education is empowerment.

Enabling patients access to the plus program can help support patients to manage their physical and mental wellbeing during treatment.

Quality use of medicines

Our programs allow you to provide the best way to use medicines. With customisation on your terms, you can include necessary disease state awareness resources. We are experienced in tailoring resources for specific patient groups and needs, compliant with Medicines Australia and TGA.

Evidence-based education modules

Our 6-week education model is tailored to foster positive lifestyle changes during cancer. Delivered digitally, patients can access a wealth of knowledge through engaging videos and guides that are backed by clinically-proven cancer survivorship principles.

Companion app for lifetime use

The tools patients need to manage their condition are conveniently packaged in an interactive app that helps patients take control, organise their care and stay connected with their support network. The award-winning CancerAid app pairs seamlessly with the program and has support mechanisms that patients love.

Are your patients being treated for cancer?
They may be eligible to the CancerAid Plus Program

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Trusted by

An effective complementary service.

The CancerAid Plus program maintains a rigorous standard of security and trust to flawlessly integrate with your product and marketing.

Backed by clinicians

Our program is built using evidence-based research and is thoroughly reviewed by clinicians, making it easy for health care providers to prescribe.

Low risk implementation

We are experienced in integrating our solutions seamlessly. Our digital solution is data secure and safe to use.

Compliance at ease

Our program fits within the regulations of Medicines Australia and TGA. We maintain accountability.

Bring unprecedented level of care and support to your patients.

Employ a behavioural change program that works. For patients prescribed your therapies, the CancerAid Plus program gives them access to a content-rich support system.

CancerAid Plus engages and educates your patients on managing their cancer care to improve their care outcomes.

Empower people towards better health outcomes by introducing CancerAid Plus to your patients with cancer.

We are flexible with your ecosystem.

We are principled on developing a collaborative relationship with you - it takes a community to achieve the best health outcomes for cancer patients.

This is why we avoid offering a prescriptive package that doesn’t suit your organisation’s needs.


Create a powerful program

Our information is flexible to suit the needs of your brand and portfolio. We are experienced collaborators and happy to co-create content for a seamless experience.


Lightning-fast integration and implementation

The Plus framework has been designed to meet regulatory requirements in healthcare and digital industries, so it's quick and easy to bring your program to patients.


We support a holistic partnership

That’s why we provide ongoing operational support and field force training to ensure you can get the most value out of our services - including brand, launch, and tech support.

1. Greene, J., J.H. Hibbard, R. Sacks, et al., When Patient Activation Levels Change, Health Outcomes And Costs Change, Too. Health Affairs, 2015. 34(3): p. 431-437.

2. Basch, E., Deal, A., Dueck, A., Scher, H., Kris, M., Hudis, C. and Schrag, D. (2017). Overall Survival Results of a Trial Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Monitoring During Routine Cancer Treatment. JAMA, 318(2), p.197.

3. Hood, L. and C. Auffray, Participatory medicine: a driving force for revolutionizing healthcare. Genome Medicine, 2013. 4(110).

4. Ballurkar K, Tan Z, Lo J et al. Feasibility and Acceptability of a Digital and Telephone Health Coaching Program to Promote Improved Return to Work Outcomes in a Cohort of Australian Cancer Patients. 3rd Victorian Cancer Survivorship Conference [Presentation]. March 2020.

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Moving cancer care forward

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