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Tackle the rising cost of cancer care.

Empower your members with the CancerAid Coach Program, designed to improve the health outcomes of cancer patients.

Help your members get back to wellness

Cancer is an extremely challenging experience, but with the right support available and better interactions around cancer, more patients can achieve positive health outcomes and return to an active and satisfying life sooner.

Research has shown that cancer patients who are more engaged with their own care have better health outcomes.1

"A diagnosis of cancer marks the beginning of a journey full of emotional, psychological, physical and practical challenges”

- Cancer Australia

Backed by science, the CancerAid Coach Program is designed to help your members return to wellness.

Our coaches help patients overcome challenges and participate in health-promoting activities and make positive lifestyle behavioural changes. Our three core offerings work in tandem to deliver effective results:

A dedicated, trained health coach

Our health coaches are trained allied health professionals, nurses, and doctors integral to making sure your patients are getting the most out of the program.

Evidence-based education modules

A digital curriculum delivered digitally over 6 weeks gives patients access to a wealth of knowledge. Patients are supported through engaging videos and articles backed by clinically-proven cancer survivorship principles.

Companion app for lifetime use

An interactive app that helps patients take control by organising their care, such as tracking symptoms, exercise, diet, sleep and mindfulness, and community features that allow patients to organise their own support networks.

Trusted By

I thought the program was great, I particularly enjoyed the phone calls with the Health Coach and getting to chat to someone.

- Coach Program Graduate

Spend less, help more.

With a $6.50 reduction in claims cost for every dollar invested in the CancerAid Coach Program, you don't have to choose between supporting your members and supporting your business.

Early Intervention

CancerAid's award-winning program allows you to engage with members early to improve wellness outcomes.

Cost savings

Whilst lowering costs, CancerAid Coach work to improve patients quality of life, leading to happier, healthier and more active members.

Member satisfaction

Your members know you care about their wellbeing when you refer them to the Coach program.

Make a difference to your members lives.

Employ a behavioural change program that engages. The CancerAid Coach program educates your fund members on how to manage their cancer care to improve their outcomes, wellbeing and quality of life.

You can take the services you offer to the next level by introducing CancerAid Coach to your members with cancer.


NPS Score

Industry-leading satisfaction


of participants

Would recommend the CancerAid program to a friend

The program is well paced and the timeframe between the different modules is flexible. I particularly enjoyed talking on a regular basis with my Cancer coach, who was very supportive and professional. I would recommend the Cancer Aid Coach program to anyone who are on a personal cancer journey.

Gracie Kelly, Program Graduate

The tips and tricks to make it all a bit easier has been helpful and also to know what other people are going through. I really enjoyed reading the modules and articles - knowing that there is support available to you and the information is there. The modules covered were all very relevant and the coach was very knowledgeable.
Thank you!

Program Graduate

Really loved being able to speak to someone and having someone to listen to you, like a sounding board. information has been good and everyone I've spoken to throughout the process has been lovely.

Program Graduate

It was really good having the calls as well as the app. If I had questions they could be answered,
I felt like I was on the right track and this was great reinforcement.

- Coach Program Graduate

We're flexible with your ecosystem.

We're principled on developing a collaborative relationship with you - it takes a community to achieve the best health outcomes for cancer patients.

This is why we offerer a prescriptive package that suits your organisation’s needs.


How we fit in

Our team will assess what your needs are, and what you expect to achieve from a partnership with us.


We get started

We deliver our programs to suit your operational needs making sure that it fits right in with your existing service and care portfolios


We stay committed

We hold ourselves accountable to both you and your patients and provide regular updates once the Coach Program has been integrated.

1. Greene, J., J.H. Hibbard, R. Sacks, et al., When Patient Activation Levels Change, Health Outcomes And Costs Change, Too. Health Affairs, 2015. 34(3): p. 431-437.

2. Basch, E., Deal, A., Dueck, A., Scher, H., Kris, M., Hudis, C. and Schrag, D. (2017). Overall Survival Results of a Trial Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Monitoring During Routine Cancer Treatment. JAMA, 318(2), p.197.

3. Hood, L. and C. Auffray, Participatory medicine: a driving force for revolutionizing healthcare. Genome Medicine, 2013. 4(110).

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