CancerAid Caregivers

Backed by clinical data, our personalized coaching program is proven to improve your health and wellbeing.

Caregivers can access:

  • A dedicated health coach: Personalized, one-on-one support from a trained professional. They’ll help you understand your role in supporting your loved one, while still prioritizing self–care.
  • Reliable resources: Your Coach will share proven practices and resources focused on areas important to you, whether it’s your own health, living with uncertainty, accessing information, speaking with doctors, or caring for your loved one.
  • Care on your terms: Your Coach will call, SMS, or email at the right time for you. You can start, pause or stop whenever you like.

1. Onboarding takes 30 seconds

Your coach will get in touch directly to kick off your program. You can learn more about the program, and decide how you would like to proceed

2. Meet your coach

You will have your first call with your coach at a time that suits you

3. Begin the program

You'll start receiving personalized modules straight to your inbox.

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Your data privacy is our top priority

At CancerAid we prioritize your right to data privacy. We promise to:
  • Never sell or share your information to third parties without your permission
  • We will only share what is strictly necessary with your insurer, provided we have your consent
  • Strive to meet gold standards for information security
  • Continually improve our data security, and never take your trust in us for granted

It is absolutely a program that I would recommend, this information is crucial. Having someone who understand you and your journey is so important.

MinterEllison employee

It has enabled me to spend more meaningful time with my mum. It has been so helpful to help her make progress, and progress myself. For years we have been trying to figure things out, from our first call I was able to get a few practical things organized which has been great!

MinterEllison employee