Roy's Story

Caregivers program participant
Federal Government employee

14 October 2022
Roy’s wife is currently in the third year of a breast cancer diagnosis, including monthly consultations with an oncologist and continued hormonal therapy. After learning of his employer's recent partnership with CancerAid, Roy was offered the opportunity to enrol in the Cancer Caregivers Program. “I was initially hesitant to sign up… feeling like I needed to deal with my caregiving responsibilities alone and wasn’t sure how to open up to a health coach, something I hadn’t done before”. 

Through the support of his CancerAid Health Coach Emma, Roy was able to gain clarity and new perspectives on how to support his wife through ongoing treatment management. 
“The program and support offered helped me navigate difficult and sensitive topics and after discussing those things, my own wellbeing improved and I gained strategies on communication, allowing my relationship to flourish”.
Roy gained tangible strategies for coping with his caregiver responsibilities personally and professionally. In the workplace he gained the confidence to seek additional support with flexible working arrangements on days when his wife attends monthly consultations. 

“Overall, I would encourage other employers to offer this program. The Cancer Caregivers Program has had a considerably positive impact on my life. It helped bring a sense of normalcy to my life, my relationship has flourished and I’ve been able to navigate flexible working arrangements to help with my caregiving responsibilities”. 

Roy’s employer also offers the CancerAid program to their employees immediate family members and his wife has been recommended to enrol in the Cancer Coach Program - designed for those with a cancer diagnosis.