Linda's Story

Coach Program Participant
AIA Australia Member

29 September 2022
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Linda was recommended to join the CancerAid Coach Program via her employer's insurer, AIA Australia.

"Before starting the program, I was dealing with the challenges of chemotherapy treatment, managing daily pain and the mental health issues associated with a cancer diagnosis. I had never used a counseling support service before and it was recommended I take up the program to speak with someone about what I was going through."

For Linda, the Coach Program was the right support at the right time. Through the program, Linda gained access to a dedicated health coach, educational resource modules and a free mobile app for symptom tracking and community articles. While Linda was given a broad outline of resource module subjects including activity & exercise, symptom tracking, diet and nutrition, mindfulness and sleep, having regular check-ins with her coach meant she was able to guide the program based on what she needed support with. 
“My health coach provided me with the tools to deal with all kinds of situations. My coach suggested I start symptom tracking and through this I gained more confidence when speaking with medical professionals at appointments.” 
“In having all the articles at my fingertips I’ve been able to refer to things as I needed them. When I have problems with sleep, I’ll continue to refer back to the resources I was provided through the Coach Program.” 

Having finished her active treatment only weeks ago, Linda says she now feels she has the right resources in place to support her along her journey to recovery. “I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to use this program during a difficult time in my life and it has certainly made me more open to the positive and lasting impact of health coaching.”