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Adding a Symptom

Tracking symptoms and reporting these back to your medical care team may help improve your care and outcomes. 

You can log your symptoms, medications and take notes in the CancerAid app. In this video, our Clinical Support Specialist Jocie explains how to add a symptom.

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Viewing a symptom

Keeping a log of your symptoms allows you to be prepared for appointments and regular check-ups. 

Our Digital Engagement Manager, Emelie explains how to view symptoms that are logged in the CancerAid app.

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Adding a journal entry

You can write text or record video entries about your experiences using the CancerAid app. 

In this video our Analyst, Daniel explains how to use the app to easily get things off your chest and record how you are feeling with the ‘Journal’ feature.

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Adding a champion

You can nominate loved ones, caregivers or someone from your clinical team to be your Champion in the app. Your Champion can then keep up to date with how you are going.

Tim from our team shares how to nominate a Champion.

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Accepting a champion invite

Your Hero is the person you support during their cancer treatment. As their Champion, you can track how they are going with the CancerAid app. 

In this video, you will learn how to accept your Hero’s invitation and view their information using the ‘Champions’ feature.

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