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Take control of your cancer care, on your own terms.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed, in treatment or beyond, the free CancerAid app provides you the knowledge, tools and support to improve life with cancer.

Every cancer is one of a kind, and so are you.

Your experiences are unique, which is why you choose how to best achieve your goals with CancerAid.

Organise your care in one place

Take control of your own care by keeping track of your treatments, experiences, and side effects.

Access medically reliable information

We carefully vet everything we share with you so you don't need to.

Stay connected and motivated

Invite your loved ones to keep them in the loop, and hear from others going through similar experiences.

Your information is safe.

Whether you wish to share your progress with many or a select few, your sensitive information is always kept secure. Information you share in the app is only available to you and those you choose to nominate in the app. CancerAid use industry leading security.

Industry leading security

Whether you wish to share your progress with many or a select few, your sensitive information is always kept secure. Information you share in the app is only available to you and those you choose to nominate in the app.

No sponsored content

Read up on research, resources, and stories from people going through similar experiences. All content provided to you is vetted.

Capture everything

Easily track the severity of symptoms, medication effectiveness and side effects to help your care team make better decisions.

Feel Supported

Nominate your champion to monitor your progress in the app - no more seperate phone calls to family members (unless you want to!).

Knowledge is power

Keep a summary of your diagnosis and treatment information to refer back to when you need it.

As featured in

Founded by cancer specialists,
backed by science,
empowered by you.

Backed by science

Empowered by you

Founded by cancer specialists
Backed by science
Empowered by you

Scientific evidence shows that individuals who are more engaged with their own care have better outcomes1.

CancerAid was founded with a commitment to improve your cancer care outcomes by making science-backed tools and resources easily accessible.

A recent study concluded that patients who track symptoms and share this information with their clinicians experience a better quality of life, have fewer emergency visits and even live longer2.

The app is designed for you to use to improve your wellbeing, help you build healthy behaviours and a support network, making sure you are supported every step of the way.

Learn more about the CancerAid team and story:

About Us

1. Greene, J., J.H. Hibbard, R. Sacks, et al., When Patient Activation Levels Change, Health Outcomes And Costs Change, Too. Health Affairs, 2015. 34(3): p. 431-437.

2. Basch, E., Deal, A., Dueck, A., Scher, H., Kris, M., Hudis, C. and Schrag, D. (2017). Overall Survival Results of a Trial Assessing Patient-Reported Outcomes for Symptom Monitoring During Routine Cancer Treatment. JAMA, 318(2), p.197.

3. Hood, L. and C. Auffray, Participatory medicine: a driving force for revolutionizing healthcare. Genome Medicine, 2013. 4(110).

The CancerAid app was the one place I wrote down all my symptoms and how I felt. Since I always have my phone with me it saved me from having to remember every fortnight what I needed to say to my oncologist.

Kerry, Survivor

"As her champion, this app enables me to see her daily symptoms which is very helpful. We speak everyday by phone or text however I was probably only hearing half of her symptoms. This is also a great tool for Dr’s appointments as you often forget important information."

Cathy, Caregiver

“CancerAid was extremely attractive for the reasons that I felt empowered and in control to face cancer and I could look at the information remotely”

Lisa, Survivor and Patient Advocate

We are #strongertogether

We collaborate with incredible non-for-profits, community champions and patient advocates, because together we can reduce the impact of cancer.

CancerAid proudly supports campaigns and initiatives that improves the lives of people affected by cancer.

Do you want to empower people affected by cancer in innovative ways? Get in touch today to see what a partnership with CancerAid can do for you and your community.  

Partner with us

Moving cancer care forward.

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